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3 Safety Checks Car Manufacturers Should Never Forget

3 Safety Checks Car Manufacturers Should Never Forget

As technology is progressing, so are the safety requirements for automotive. In the past, there were only a handful of car safety tests that the manufacturers needed to pass before getting the green light to start selling the car. Nowadays, stricter road safety laws require car manufacturers to pass several critical safety tests for their cars before they’re allowed on the road. Some of the most important tests are detailed in this blog.

The Crash Test

No car is considered road legal until it passes the crash test. This test is one of the most basic yet critical tests for automotive safety. This test constitutes crash test dummies strapped in the car seats. These dummies aren’t just regular mannequins. Instead, they’re made from materials in such a way that resembles the physiology of humans.

This allows manufacturers to know how a person would be affected if they crash the car. The dummies also simulate the reaction of humans during a crash. The test involves the car driving into an obstacle, usually a wall, at different speeds to test the level of injury that can be sustained by the passengers and the damage to the car.

Testing The Electrics And The Brakes

As more and more cars are being controlled by computers rather than manual functions, it’s important to test the functionality of these computers. Not only that, but in recent years, the car’s braking ability is also monitored by computers. These computers are all wired together, and a small problem can seriously affect the functionality of the car and could end up being dangerous for the driver. This test checks the endurance of the car’s electrics by using them continuously for some time.

Automotive safety tests

Flammability Test

Vehicles contain several components made from materials that can ignite easily, such as seat belts, cushions, convertible tops, armrests, trip panels, and upholstery. Flammability tests check the duration taken by these substances to catch fire and for how long they burn before it becomes dangerous. The test is conducted in a small combustion chamber that has holes in the floor to allow airflow. Controlled ignition is then carried out within the chamber to test the flammability. The test also tells the time frame that the driver and the passengers have in case there’s any fire.

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