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5 Safety Tips to Prevent Commercial Building Fires

5 Safety Tips to Prevent Commercial Building Fires

If you’re a commercial building owner, you must ensure that there’s proper fire safety protocol in place before letting people into the building. Always make sure to go the extra mile to prevent building fires so that your building structure stays strong and the people remain safe from this hazard.

Here are some tried and tested safety tips that will help you prevent commercial building fires.

1. Keep Maintained Appliances and Machinery

One of the top causes of electrical fire is outdated and malfunctioning appliances and machinery. Typically, this starts from the short-circuit of such items and quickly spreads to nearby objects, and gets out of control. For this reason, you must ensure they’re all up to date and in perfect working condition.

2. Install Smoke Detectors and Sprinklers

In the case of small fires, smoke detectors and sprinklers can do wonders in containing this hazard. As soon as the smoke reaches these detectors, the sprinklers turn on and extinguish the fire. Make sure to install good-quality detectors in every room of your building, and keep checking them to ensure they’re working perfectly.

3. Train Building Staff about Fire Safety Protocol

In addition to smoke detectors and sprinklers, you should also install fire extinguishers in the building so they can be readily used in case of fire. You should also train your building staff to use the extinguishers properly.

water pipe and fire extinguisher.

4. Do Fire Drills

It’s also important to do regular fire drills in the building so that the people know how to act in case of fire. You should consider hiring a fire marshal who knows exactly what to do to effectively contain the fire and evacuate the people from the building.

5. Reduce Fire Hazards

An important way to prevent fires is by reducing fire hazards in the building. You can do this by removing flammable substances and getting furniture and upholstery that has undergone flammability testing. You can also hire services that perform environmental flammability testing to eliminate all the possible fire hazards in the building.

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