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Our Unique Problem Solving Flammability Testing Service

BE-LABSURE is a free, enhanced technical service with a digital platform and portal service that can be utilized by our customers to expedite their testing requirements. Gaining instant access to test reports, COA’s, technical support on related services and uploaded media content on product testing. This service also offers an efficient application process with an easy to use submission registration system linked directly to our companies LIM System (Laboratory Information Management System) and CRM Systems. Saving time and resource compared with traditional laboratory application and submission processes.


BE-LABSURE offers a consistent testing program for production or resale of safe, quality products. We have specialized in the testing of consumer products for over 30 years and have a combined industry testing expertise of over 125 years, which has allowed us to serve many established and reputable companies worldwide. IFS Laboratories operates an open door policy, allowing our customers to have access and view their testing in progress and to accommodate their regulatory needs for compliance. At IFS we know all too well of the everyday challenges that our clients face when trying to reduce costs, improve quality and enhance product safety.

What you will receive as standard:

  • Free technical consultancy service.
  • Instant access to latest test certificates and COA’s and uploaded media content.
  • Consistent testing program adapted to suit your testing requirements.
  • Simple and efficient submission process.
  • Open door policy, to allow witnessing of your tests being performed.

What we do

Flammability Services

Flammability Services

We specialise in the flammability, physical and chemical testing of upholstered furniture, furnishings and textile materials.



IFS Laboratories recognises its responsibility as a provider of quality testing services. In recognition of this responsibility, we have developed and documented a Quality Management System that ensures continuous customer satisfaction and improvement on the quality of services the company provides.

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