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All You Need To Know About Children’s Nightwear Flammability Regulations in the UK

All You Need To Know About Children’s Nightwear Flammability Regulations in the UK

Parents today are very invested in their children’s safety and security—as they should be. One thing that parents should be extra mindful of is their children’s nightwear and how flammable it is.

Thankfully, children’s nightwear has been regulated by the government in the UK since 1985 to ensure that it’s compliant with safety standards.

Keep reading to learn more about children’s nightwear safety regulations in the UK.

What is Included in Children’s Nightwear?

Children’s nightwear includes anything that a child wears or comes in close contact with while sleeping. In particular, here are all the items that are included in this list:

  • Night dresses
  • Nightshirts
  • Pyjamas
  • Pyjama-style trousers
  • Night robes and bathrobes
  • Sleeping bags for infants
  • Boxer shorts
  • Vests

Important Safety Tests for Children’s Nightwear

Manufacturers of all the above-mentioned children’s nightwear are required to perform safety tests on the products before taking them to the market. The most important test is to check the flammability of the clothes. Here are some of the most prominent features of children’s nightwear flammability testing that all manufacturers should know about.

  • Children’s nightwear should not be washed, finished, or treatedwith flammable chemicals.
  • Any fabric or motif stitched to the nightwear should not be flammable.
  • The threads used in the stitching shouldn’t catch fire easily.
  • The trim and style of the clothes should be close fitting, so the child has better control over them in case of fire.
  • All the fabric and threads used in the process should be made with synthetic fibres (such as nylon) and melt without decomposing upon contact with heat.


Mother putting two children to sleep.

Flammability Testing in the UK

If you want to meet all the government’s compliances and ensure the complete safety of your customers, you should hire an independent, third-party flammability testing service.

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