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CBD Legislation in the UK

Historically, CBD legislation in the UK has been pretty firm. However, there has been a lot of movement within the industry recently with new legislation set to be introduced next month that will affect companies selling CBD products within the UK.


Novel Food Application CBD

The deadline has been set by the Food Standard Agency, by 31st March 2021 all UK CBD companies selling products for consumption must submit a Novel Foods Application. However, this does not apply to topical products which have to comply with stringent cosmetic regulations. Following the March 31st deadline only CBD products with a validated application will be allowed to stay on the shelves. The CBD market is still very unregulated in the UK with many CBD products not containing CBD at all, THC levels higher than the legal limit of 1mg or even heavy metals or chemicals you would not want to be putting in your body. The new CBD Novel Food Application will ensure better quality products available within the market through the tighter regulations. 


Any CBD companies applying for the Novel Food Application must have all products analysed for the following: 

  • ADME Evaluation
  • Full Chemical Analysis
  • Microbiological Testing
  • Stability Testing
  • Toxicological Evaluation


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