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Common Causes of Car Fires (And Some Prevention Tips)

Common Causes of Car Fires (And Some Prevention Tips)

Car fires are one of the most common types of fire hazards that may occur due to negligence on part of the consumer or the manufacturer. However, most of the time it can be difficult to determine the real cause behind a car fire.

Since a fire can start due to a combination of various factors, even a fire investigator may be challenged to ascertain the source of the incident.

Let’s look at some of the most common causes of a car fire and how can we possibly prevent them.

Poor maintenance

Although poor maintenance will not always result in a fire hazard, it may contribute to it. If you are sloppy about your vehicle’s maintenance, it can lead to mechanical failure such as a short wire that can ignite a spark in your engine and lead to a car fire.

If you want to prevent this, it’s vital that you do not delay car repairs including fixing any leaky seals, broken parts, or faulty wiring. Moreover, you should never ignore the check engine light that might be indicating an overheated engine.

a fire fighter extinguishing a burning car

Fuel leaks

Your car’s fuel is undoubtedly the most flammable thing in your car. If there are any leaks in your fuel tank, the petrol can seep through the interior and create a hospitable environment for a car fire. If you or any of the passengers try to light a cigarette, the spilled petrol can catch fire and set your vehicle on fire within a few seconds.

Interior upholstery

Many vehicles have upholstered seating which can be highly flammable. If you are smoking in your car and the cigarette sparks accidentally come in contact with the upholstery fabric, it can start burning slowly leading to a fire in your car seats. To avoid this, make sure that your seat covers are made from nonflammable material.

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