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How To Get The Most Out of CBD Testing For Your Company

How To Get The Most Out of CBD Testing For Your Company

Cannabidiol, more popularly known as CBD, is used as an extract in many foods, health products, and beauty products sold in the United Kingdom. Demand for CBD products skyrocketed during the COVID pandemic, perhaps in large part due to consumers’ need for products that purportedly help calm anxiety, de-stress, and help improve sleep. Other consumers also look towards CBD as an ‘alternative’ medicinal therapy to help them when prescribed medication fails. The UK’s CBD product testing laws, however, require that CBD product manufacturers have to have their products tested for THC levels for them to be safe for end-users.

If your company is a manufacturer of CBD products, you can find medicinal CBD testing services for your products in the UK.

Here’s how you can get the most out of CBD testing for your company in the UK.

Business is booming for the CBD industry in the UK

More and more CBD products are being sold to consumers in the UK every year. As business booms for companies that manufacture CBD products, the need for transparency, quality, and regulation also becomes more urgent. This is why the Food Standards Agency in the UK requires businesses to apply for authorization of all their CBD isolates and extracts intended for sale in UK marketplaces.

The FSA has given CBD manufacturers a deadline to provide more information about the CBD products they make and sell. They have also issued safety guidelines for British consumers about CBD consumption. More awareness and knowledge about CBD will lead to greater consumer confidence and help the sale of CBD products in the UK. If you are a company that makes CBD oils, vape, or health and beauty supplements, have them tested by a lab that does cannabis testing in the UK to ensure compliance with the country’s CBD laws.

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Why there is a growing need for CBD product testing in the UK

A 2020 study showed that 8.4 million UK adults had either purchased or intended to purchase CBD products that year. This increased demand can be attributed to growing awareness amongst members of the general public about personal wellness and an increased interest in food and beauty supplements. Surveys suggest that this increased demand for CBD products will be sustained into the future since consumers are keen on incorporating ‘natural’ self-care solutions into their everyday routines.

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CBD product testing laws in the UK

In January 2021, the Home Office announced that it would establish a legal framework to govern the manufacture of CBD products targeted at the end-user. The most commonly sold CBD product is CBD oil, but the CBD business has boomed in recent years, with more innovations in CBD products. Now, people can also purchase CBD vaping liquids, cosmetics, food supplements, and drinks. If you manufacture CBD products for sale in the UK, you must get your products tested by an accredited hemp testing lab in the UK.

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Why CBD testing matters – what we know and don’t know about CBD

CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid found in the hemp and marijuana plants. However, unlike marijuana, it does not cause a ‘high’ when used, especially not in products that are sold over the counter, like pills and oils. CBD works with neurotransmitters in the body that relay messages to the brain. These neurotransmitters affect things like memory, pain, and sleep, so you’ll often see CBD extracts in essential oils and balms that are supposed to help people sleep better, or in supplements that are supposed to help calm the mind and relieve stress.

To make sure that CBD products in supermarkets are safe for consumption by UK consumers, the Food Standards Agency requires companies to get cannabinoid testing for their products. If you wish to sell CBD products in the UK, reach out to a medical CBD testing lab for clinical testing of your formulas that contain CBD.

Most CBD products sold in UK stores contain the ingredient in concentrations of 10mg. Although we’re still learning more about the drug’s effect on human beings, there has been research documenting the effect of CBD. More information is needed about the toxicology of CBD in human beings, which is precisely why the Food Standards Agency requires that CBD products contain no more than the standard dose of cannabidiol.

How to get the most out of CBD product testing for your company

To get the most out of CBD product testing for your company, choose an accredited lab that offers analytical testing services in the UK. Our medical CBD testing lab is equipped with the latest technology to provide quality CBD testing for an affordable price for UK retailers.

We require a milligram or a milliliter sample of your product for CBD testing. Our experts will get back to you with a comprehensive analysis of your sample.

Get cannabinoid testing from a medical CBD testing lab in the UK

Companies selling CBD products in the United Kingdom need to comply with laws that regulate the CBD industry. If your company manufactures CBD products, getting them tested for compliance will help your company stay out of trouble with the law. You can get your products tested for CBD concentration by us at IFS Laboratories Ltd. We are an accreditedFlammability, Physical, and Chemical Testing Laboratory in the UK.

Founded in 1999, we provide cannabinoid testing services for companies selling CBD products in the UK. We also provide a wide variety of flammability and analytical tests. Reach out to us on our website for more information about CBD laws and for questions about our services. You can also call us at +44 (0) 161 50 50 650 or send us an email at info@ifs-labs.com.