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The E-Liquid Manufacturing Process

The E-Liquid Manufacturing Process

Do you know that the number of smokers has decreased in the last 5 years? This is because more people are learning about the harmful impact of smoking and tobacco on the body, encouraging them to quit smoking. However, in the journey to quit smoking, many people are switching to cigarette alternatives, like e-cigarettes or vapes filled with e-liquids containing nicotine. But how are they manufactured for consumers?

Here’s a complete guide to the e-liquid manufacturing process.

What Do Manufacturers Use to Make E-liquids?

Many manufacturers have factories and warehouses dedicated to producing, storing, and supplying e-liquids and e-cigarettes. Different manufacturers use various ingredients to enhance the characteristics of their e-liquids, but the main ingredients remain the same.


Here are the main ingredients included in e-liquid manufactured in the UK.


  • The most common ingredients for a base are vegetableglycerine and propylene glycol. Most manufacturers use these two ingredients to create the base, but the ratio can vary depending on how the manufacturer wants their end product. However, most manufacturers prefer a 50:50 or 70:30 blend.
  • All e-liquids in e-cigarettes are flavoured. This enhances the experience of e-cigarettes for consumers. Therefore, manufacturers add different flavour concentrates to these e-liquids.
  • Lastly, manufacturers add nicotine to make the e-liquid a genuine smoking alternative. However, the nicotine levels are monitored to ensure they don’t pose any health risks to e-liquid consumers.

The Production Process

Now that you know the ingredients of e-liquids, let us tell you about the production process. Manufacturing companies dedicate a clean room to ensure that no contaminants gets added to the mix. In addition, the production team must wear protective equipment to reduce the risk of contamination.Throughout the process, the manufacturing team has to follow the standards of cleanliness and quality.

  • The first step is weighing the ingredients. The manufacturers weigh each ingredient according to the recipe.
  • The manufacturers mix the ingredients by hands or using machines.
  • This raw material mix is poured into individual bottles in the next step. This process is called filling, and manufacturers usually use machines for this step.
  • Finally, the bottles are labelled, documenting the ingredients and compliance details on the label. In the end, they’re packaged in boxes, ready to be shipped to different stores.

Person performing TBD testing on e-cigarettes containing e-liquids

Get Analytical Testing Services for E-Liquids

Manufacturers must ensure that their e-liquids have an approved amount of nicotine. At IFS Laboratories, we believe everyone should have a safe and healthy experience when using e-cigarettes and e-liquids, so we offer analytical testing services for e-liquids manufactured in the UK.

Our technical team ensures that your manufactured e-liquids meet the standards for TPD compliance. Reach out to us and let our TPD testing, medicinal cbd testing lab test your e-liquids before you supply them to your consumers. We want to help in the process of making your product safe.

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